One year later… life after 35 years of the grind!

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One year later... life after 35 years of the grind!

Twelve months ago today I was notified that the global restructuring of Hewlett Packard Enterprise was eliminating my role as part of HPE Next. I embraced, maybe even welcomed the change. As the saying goes a change is as good as a rest, or in my case, a rest was good for a change!

I have reflected upon past accomplishments, reconnected with friends and colleagues that I struggled to find the time for. I have enjoyed totally undistracted time with my family, lots of it. And I have knocked the majority of the long list of items off of the “honey-do” list!

It has been a fabulous hiatus, one that I could never have planned for. I thought I was well prepared for it, but in reality this has been a life event of epic proportions that I am so thankful for. For those of you who have helped me shape my mission, thank you! 

With clarity of purpose, I have started my new endeavour with The Winning Practice, to share my knowledge, experience, skills and relationships with others. The reception that I’ve enjoyed from the community in The Winning Practice has been fantastic and the beauty in being my own boss is that I can continue to maintain a balance of family, life and work that allows me to work from my office with this view...

Twelve months later, still smiling, inspired and thankful :=)

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